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Chairman's Christmas Message 2020

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

To all our choristers, patrons, and supporters I wish to extend seasonal greetings to you all
and thank you for your continued support over the past year.

Well, as this year draws to an end and the dawn of a new year being just around the corner,
we can all I'm sure reflect on an individual basis the impact 2020 has had for us. But we
must hope and add some positivity, that 2021 will bring a conclusion to what for some has
been memorable for its impact that most of us will or could ever remember.

My wishes are that we can all meet up as soon as is practicality possible, sing and enjoy the
camaraderie that we have all so missed for so long.

Personally, I so wish to thank my fellow committee members for the support given to myself
since taking up the mantle of acting chairman this year, equally for sharing their ideas and
opinions in order to maintain and encourage the choristers in all matters pertaining to choir

I also hope that as we reflect on the year and the challenges it has thrown up for the
choir, that you feel we have done enough to keep the choirs light shining for you in some

I also extend my thanks to the musical team and Darren Pullin for their contribution to
the virtual performances we have delivered.

Next year will be full of anticipation for events that are currently being viewed as potential
for all to be involved in, with, as always, a lot of dedication from the musical team and
choristers to ensure we fulfil the expectations you have come to know the choir for.

David Hammacott will update choristers with some of the proposed programmes in his next
newsletter I am sure, then we will inform you our extended family of those events as soon
as we can.

Let us not forget those choristers, patrons and supporters who have been suffering from ill
health or who are currently unwell, we wish you all a speedy recovery. And to the choristers
who for one reason or another made a decision to leave the choir, I would like you to know
that your contribution, plus the memories you helped create will not be forgotten. And
include you in our Christmas wishes.

But for now, my wife and I, plus all the committee and musical team, hope you enjoy as
best as is possible your Christmas with your families, may 2021 be filled with hope, good
health with emotional prosperity for you all.


Peter Guy
Acting Chairman
Pontarddulais Male Choir


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